Friday, March 26, 2010

CIA torture and abuse of rights

Dear Distinguished Member of Congress,

The CIA is a Federal agency which operates above the law on domestic soil and engages in extreme, widely unknown terror campaigns against American citizens utilizing a vast array of military caliber psychological warfare tactics, borderline torture and in some cases even murder. Without the proper civilian oversight and transparency, rogue elements within this very powerful and far reaching agency will continue to operate with a total disregard for both domestic and international laws. Our Constitutional, civil and basic human rights are jeopardized whenever a few holding such vast power are overseen and scrutinized solely by like-minded individuals. The terror they have managed to unleash against an untold number of American citizens on domestic soil, presently labeled as 'Targeted Individuals', cannot continue to be ignored. Or simply written off as overactive imaginations and/or mental illness.

A common tactic of the CIA is to make a victim of their abuses appear paranoid, delusional or mentally unstable in order to discredit the victim when complaints arise about the horrific circumstances the victim is forced to endure as part of their daily existence. The historian Lord Acton is quoted as saying that 'power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. As a "targeted individual" experiencing this horrific and shameful abuse of power on a daily basis for over 4 long, agonizing years I implore you to take the necessary measures to reign in this rogue agency, their outright criminal tactics and cavalier operatives who believe the laws of our country are beneath them.

Torture in America cannot continue to be ignored. State-sponsored terrorism against American civilians being deployed by an arm of our military under the guise of "national security" or an “ongoing criminal investigation” cannot be tolerated in a free & just society. To simply ignore this ongoing abuse is the equivalent of condoning the action. It is time to make permanent and wide sweeping changes to an agency that is rapidly spiraling out of control, notorious worldwide for their abuses and become so arrogant as to believe themselves above the law. Our country is too great to allow a segment(s) of our government to conduct themselves in this manner. If vast changes are not made now, then when will the next opportunity arise?

Personally, I have had the unfortunate occasion over the last 4+ years to experience a vast array of psychological warfare tactics too numerous to list, including but not limited to, intimidation, unimaginable invasion of privacy and a constant "negative environment" campaign which has been given the name of 'Organized Stalking' by its victims. All presumably done under the premise that no one can survive in a constantly negative environment. I have also been subjected daily to unrelenting physical torture, poisoning and attempted murder through various forms of invisible, silent, military-grade 'directed energy weapons' (D.E.W.) - from my symptoms I believe I have been targeted primarily by directed overexposure to various electromagnetic radiation. These ongoing attacks occurring while my wife and 3 very young, developing children are present, primarily at our home where I work full time.

My name is xxx, I am a licensed Real Estate Broker, 37 years old, a husband and father of 3 young children. My wife is a graduate of UC Berkeley where she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology. My wife and I have been together for 18 years, since we were both teenagers.

This harassment campaign, in its current frenzy, began over 4 years ago while living in Concord, California and working at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Orinda, California. While heavily involved in a mentor relationship/business partnership with an older gentleman, Mr. WILLIAM K OTTMANN {3815 Northridge Drive, Richmond, CA}, he made several comments which led me to believe our business relationship may have been more than just coincidence. Statements such as “nobody can survive in a constantly negative environment” stood out as peculiar coming from a real estate agent. During our close relationship I believe I was “steered” to purchase this home in Concord, California at which time I became the new neighbor of Mr. LEONARD WILLIAMS {1132 Victory Lane, Concord, CA 94520}. I would not be surprised if one of these gentlemen, likely both, have very close ties to our federal law enforcement community and possibly the CIA.

Approximately one year after moving into this home I began hearing extended episodes of jet engine noise above our home on a daily basis (where none was present previously) and became aware of what appeared to be a very overt stalking and harassment campaign which quickly transformed into the living nightmare described above. I have been offered no assistance from law enforcement despite numerous complaints reported to both local and Federal authorities.

The ongoing, daily electromagnetic radiation attacks are overwhelmingly targeted at my chest region, primarily my heart. Predominantly occurring while at our home or in another relatively confined location where my movements are generally restricted (i.e. movie theatre, restaurant, hotel room, etc). The symptoms of the attacks are comprised of a sensation of pressure, slight burning, moderate-to-sharp pain in the heart region, a “charged” sensation in my chest and less frequently a sensation of my heart seemingly skipping a beat. These attacks have been occurring numerous times throughout every day for the last 4 years, often lasting for 30 minutes to an hour, and sometimes longer. I am awoken every night at around 3 am and usually another time at around 6 am with the same sensations as described above. Upon me getting up, the symptoms cease. These symptoms are generally not present while outside of our home, where I work full-time and have 3 young, developing children present. I would have logically been concerned of a natural, health related ailment if the symptoms also occurred while outside of my home; driving, traveling, shopping, etc or if I had other signs indicative of a heart problem, such as shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, sweating, etc. It appears that the technology being used against me requires the victim to be relatively stationary. Other than these described symptoms, I am perfectly healthy and have not had any health related issues throughout my life. I fear these ongoing attacks may be a slow-kill assassination attempt with the desired outcome of cancer, heart disease or sudden pulmonary failure. Even more concerning, are the long-term effects this constant overexposure to radiation will have on my young, developing children later in their lives.

Rather than go into further detail of the ongoing abuses I have been subjected to for over 4 years, which has persisted through 2 relocations, first to another County and most recently to another State, you can find a full account of the terrorism tactics being deployed against me daily, and countless other Americans, online at

Please take whatever measures deemed necessary to prevent the injustices described in this letter from happening to another US citizen.

Respectfully Submitted,


  1. This is happening in America-- thousands of Americans are going through this and I believe it is being coordinated from Homeland Fusion Centers. I get both the Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture-- same story as this guy and I have read hundreds of the same story. it is happening - we need Congressional Hearings on this... these rascals need to be dealt with. This is being done in the name of fighting terrorism. They are destroying my life. I have been organized stalked since 4/09 driven out of my home by very painful directed energy weapons- it took me 28 years to pay off the mortgage and I have been tortured every day and night for months. Is Homeland Fusion fighting terrorism or creating terrorism?


    • Obama administration does nothing to stop Bush-Cheney- spawned electromagnetic torture and subjugation, financial sabotage, community-based, police-protected "gang stalking" domestic terrorism and harassment, franchised out to nationwide federal-local fusion center network.

    All of those cell towers you see all over America are NOT all for phone calls.

    Some of them are TORTURE TOWERS — part of a nationwide microwave/laser radio frequency “directed energy weapon” system that is being used by operatives of the multi-agency Homeland Security-run “fusion center” network to silently torture, impair, and physically and neurologically degrade the functioning and well-being of extrajudicially, unjustly ‘”targeted” citizens.

    And the criminal use of this precision-targeted domestic weapon system to attack and impair U.S. citizens is being done WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT OF CONGRESS or high state officials.

    EXHIBIT A: U.S. Patent No. 7629918, held by Raytheon Corp., for the "Multi-functional Microwave Laser Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapon System."

    Veteran mainstream media journalist Vic Livingston reports: OR (lede articles and links therein)

    1. And you are right, sir. This evil madness needs to cease, yesterday. What in the name of God are any of us waiting for?

      I say we march.

    2. Hello i am being electronically harassed i gear voices both inside and also the voice of god this goes on 24/7 what can be done to stop this torture im in upland ca thank you

  3. What are all of us waiting for? Forget out here. Forget the conference calls. Why don't we do like many have done. Its called a "Million Targeted-Individuals Walk."

    Why hasn't any one thought of this? Even if its 10... its better than nothing and its a start. Plenty of reporters have been Buzzsawed. Would they not publize this?


  4. I am at my witts end also! Been hit hard recently by some sort of electronic weapons, after placing reports of their sabotaging my jobs and vehicle on my blog - How do we protect ourselves from this cruelty? I feel like I am being mutilated in a country that boasts of freedom!!!! For God's sake!!!! Will someone out there find the Heart to help us???!!!!

  5. The CIA-Navy Seals are a corrupt group who are made up of psychopaths and killers who wouldn't think twice to kill someone. People who are wealthy, like celebrities could hatch a vendetta against someone and essentially have them killed, slowly with radiation that leads to cancer. WE MUST STOP THESE ANIMALS!

  6. Who in America would have ever dreamed that a certain Satanic group of Alien (Rural Neighbors..acres between them) would sign an agreement with the devil before getting to read the rules? Now you are stuck with Satan for life and you now being a Murderer!...and once a murderer always a murderer! You can believe the lies Satan tells you about others and I....But I am the Innocent hard working tax paying citizen the Constitution was supposed to protect! You will be the hypicrytes who rot in hell!

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  10. Replies
    1. I am the main woman they are doing this too. My name is Jessica Eberhard and i have just found out that i have been in this my whole life never knowing that that i was being watched then by the age of 23 these people showed up in my life and took over everything im sure the who world has heard its no secret they torture me everyday i have no civil rights ive lost everything because of the CIA whos. Name is IT theyve turned me into an idiot. Ive been tourtred for years now and ive have 2 little children who get it done to them now too i actually have people stand up and tell me how to think and how to feel plus who my 2 children get to turn out to be. Its no secret who i am and i deserve help along with the rest but ibcant get anyone to believe me they want to blame this on a mental illness that im paranoid. I sit everyday with the cIA inside my head watching everything i do im just a normal girl raiseing to babies who i love dearly but i have them sitting in my head real men disrespecting me calling me a cunt a little bitch threats and those threats are a garanteed ass beating i physically will fall to the ground with my central nervous system in pain it is the worst type of pain ive ever endured and ive been signed up for a full body torture theyve even went and done my sons heart beat it right out of his chest and hes 18 months old he was crying trying to rip his shirt off. I cant find help anywjere or anyone to believe me im hopeless so im going to leave this right here or you can come take a listen sometime because everyone can hear my thoughts.

  11. Please help the victims of the National Institute of Justice's "intelligent surveillance" research. This is implanting folks with a biochip that enables them to see through our eyes as we see, hear what we hear, and communicate directly with the brain. It is such an invasion of our bodies and minds it will shock the conscious of any law abiding citizen. It is torture. The NIJ is using our taxpayer dollars to violate our constitutional rights, recklessly endanger our lives, and torture us 24/7. Senator Kaine told me that this program funds Newport News Police Department and Virginia state police. Both are required to have a signed informed consent form for each human subject. The NIJ follows the common rule. Citizens need to request the name and contact number for the IRB as well as the grant administrator. We need to ask our senators to defund the NIJ for failure to follow the "common rule" and for violations of our constitutional rights as well as the torture and murder of thousands of innocent citizens. The perps are state and local police. The funding is the NIJ. In addition, cops steal the identity of the victim and use Medicaid to supplement their nonconsensual human subject research. This is a felony. They must allow us to opt out. The NIJ are required by law to pay for our attorney fees, medical expenses, and any change in financial position as well as punitive damages! I now have cancer throughout my body as a direct result of this technology. The NIJ, Newport News Police and Virginia state police are to blame for my cancer and stealing a decade of my life! Judges in Virginia are for sale to the highest bidder - even with eye witnesses and medical proof, judges won't own up to the thousands of murders they covered up in Virginia.

  12. I believe there are many targeted citizens in USA I wuold like to vote and believe many will vote more to stop this magnetic harassment for inoccent people,thank you I hope Justice will surve not only for rich people


  14. It's happening to me too
    I live in Pleasanton CA.
    Who knows how long perhaps 6 months.
    It took me 3 to figure it all out.!
    This is crazy needs to stop now!

  15. These tactics of mental physical spiritual and emotional abuse has been used on me for the last 3.3 years... I believe working for county government and being a Christian which stood out in the work place made me a target... I believe that this has been done generationally to my family... and again just as described by so many others they hit you so hard in the beginning and you dont know until it's to late you are mentally abused where you begin to seek help and then your rights are taken away! Very heartbreaking... Freemasonry Police get directly involved to press you into a corner threaten your life and mental onslaught using factors such as fear and direct electromagnetic signals to the pineal gland.. mind control... it's been a heartbreaking to see my civil rights be taken just because people in freemasonry have a vendetta against me...